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Every movement begins in posture and ends in posture.

Hello, I am Kousuke Ariga, the creator of Poslog.

Originally, I was researching fields such as AI and robotics in graduate school. I spent so much time glued to my desk that I developed severe lower back pain. It reached a point where I could hardly sit on a chair without feeling pain. Even though massage treatments provided temporary relief, the pain would recur shortly afterward. It was incredibly difficult to continue my studies in such a condition.

During this challenging time, I encountered a top-notch athletic trainer who introduced me to the concepts of muscle balance and compensatory movements, encapsulated in the phrase by the physiologist Sherrington: "posture follows movement like a shadow." This means that merely relaxing muscles is insufficient; one should train the unused muscles to maintain muscle balance and, consequently, correct posture. Proper posture is essential for all movements, and imbalance in muscle coordination can result in compensatory movements, leading to pain.

This insight was revelatory. I realized that my persistent lower back pain was due to a mechanism, akin to that of a robot, and that elite therapists and trainers could identify this through a client’s posture and movements. Understanding the mechanism behind the pain rejuvenated my motivation to engage in stretches and training, eventually alleviating my back pain significantly.From this experience, I developed a deep-seated belief that the true goal of treatment should not be merely addressing pain, but improving movement. It became my mission to spread this concept more widely.

Following this realization, I embarked on a journey of trial and error to convey what the top therapists and trainers see to the general public. I decided to make posture visible through images as verbal explanations proved to be challenging. I also realized that stationary postures didn't fully convey the issue, so I made it possible to observe compensatory movements in slow motion repeatedly. Keeping in mind the busy professionals who would use this, I aimed for utmost simplicity.Thus, with feedback from many users on the ground, Poslog was continuously developed.

According to Sherrington, “every movement begins in posture and ends in posture.” To add to this, one could say movements are a series of postures. Poslog allows you to capture and visualize any moment of posture during a movement. I believe this makes the quality of movements "visible" to everyone. It is my sincere hope that through Poslog, many more people can fundamentally resolve their pains and give their best in their respective fields.

Thank you very much for reading until the end and for your interest in Poslog. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to me at kouariga@poslog.com. I look forward to interacting with you directly.

Kousuke Ariga

Founder & CEO